Pop! You are three. I could go on for days about how quick life goes etc. It wouldn't make any difference and is getting quite boring now. Life goes quick; deal with it.In other news, life goes bloody quick! I've been compiling the biggest VFEL book to date, starting from Missy arriving, and I can't believe how quickly things have gone. Every day is a new something, literally. I went away for 3 days on business and she was doing and saying lots of new things by the time I got back. It's incredible.In a few weeks we will embark on our holiday to France and I cannot wait. I have a brilliant life now; working from home, flying down to our office and generally getting stuck into the business proper, now that we are full-time. But I'm still knackered and fancy a break, albeit a kind of working holiday, as we'll get some big important stuff delivered from the manufacturers whilst I'm away. It's okay though; what can be more exciting than new prototypes?
By the time everyone departed and we got things squared away it was midnight; we were both burst but happy that she'd had such a good day. Nothing can make you happier than your own little person squeezing your face and saying how much she loves you. It rules everything else null and void.That little girl is a miracle incarnate. Our miracle.20180715-FSR_1497