Hidden Wonder

It has been hot now for well over 4 weeks, and by hot I don't mean typical Scotland hot of 13° and overcast; it has been in the 20's constantly and to my constant surprise, it's been the most joyous of times. Sunshine heals the soul. Fact. I always used to shirk away from any sort of sun, because like it or not I burn quicker than touch paper. Or I used to. Getting older has its benefits, it seems, and I'm no longer the incendiary skinned dour Scotsman I once was. No Sir. In fact I actively embrace the pulsing waves of the sunshine; an enjoyment I discovered last year in France, of all places.I would sit in the sun which at that point the holiday was reaching 30°c and soak it up. For the first time I enjoyed the power of the sun; each wave of intense heat permeating deep into my core and igniting a love for heat that I'd never experienced before. Since then I've really enjoyed the sun and as such these 4 weeks have been great. I have the best t-shirt tan I've ever seen.So Thursday welcomed the arrival of the behemoth that is the D800 and what a hunk of metal it is. My plan to calibrate the Sigma for the wee camera and use the D800's internal focusing adjustment didn't pay off; it was so far out to compensate focus for the D3400 that the D800 had to be massively back focussed and it was just a bit off...so I instead calibrated the Sigma for the D800 complete, and got to work testing this grail of cameras. TLDR; it's everything I expected and more.